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Mount Aconcagua ( 6,966m./ 22,842ft) is the highest mountain in the west , the highest apart from the Himalaya, and the second highest summitin the circuit of the seven summits . it is difficulty lies in its high altitude and the low temperatures. From the city Mendoza , Argentina, as our starting point , we go towards Puente de inca, after a 3 day trek, we get to the base camp. Our itinerary is developed to give us the greatest opportunity of acclimatization including the ascend to Mt. Bonete as part of this acclimatization procces.
We also include two extra days in case of bad weather that might prevent us from proceeding in the normal way. You have the possibility of hiving a spot in our expeditionand enjoying the unforgettable experience.

A program that gives you the best opportunities to test yourself at an altitude of up 7.000m, and it is the great stepping stone for climbing the Himalaya Mountains of 8,000m. as it is the highest mountain in America is part of the 7 summits circuit, which consists in climbing the highest mountain in each continent . You will climb Mt, Bonete, so you will have the opportunity to return home with the satisfaction of having reached two summits above 5,000m.

The Northeast or Normal Route climbing does no present any technical difficulty, meaning that the participants does not need to have have any previous climbing experience on rock or ice, this rout maybe done just on foot. You may have to use crampons and fixes ropes for your security , depending of the conditions of the route these decisions will be taken by guides during the expedition.

In order to avoid any kind of inconvenience in the process of acclimatization and to succed in reaching the summit we suggest you to follow a training program adapted to activity that your are going to do ( specifically to get a good acclimatization , carrying a load in your backpack , as well as eating balanceddiet some months before the start date of the expedition.

The biggest problem that you can face on your expedition is the altitude effects on your body , this can be overcome with a previous training and a correct acclimatization ( this aspect is covered in all our programs). Another difficulty is the low temperatures in the mountains , such effects are reduced with a high- quality clothing and equipment.
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