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Distance: 134 -156
Duration: 12 to 14 days
Altitude between: 2,750 -5,020m.
Rating: difficult - moderate
Starting point: Cuartelhuain
Arrival point: llamac

The full circuit of the cordillera huayhuash is one of the most beautiful and impressive, the full trek takes approximately from 12 to 14 days, winds through sucha yerupaja at 6,634m. the second highest peak in the Peruvian andes jirishanca siula grande, rondoy, ninashanca, huacrish, sarapo, ratsac. This trail passes imconparably lakes, mountains tiny villages. in tthis full trekking we will visit base camp of joe simpson ( touching the void ) and we can see west face of siula grande, in this full trek we going to have two small and easy climbing pumarinry 5,450m and diablo mudo 5,350m. ( optional ), for all trek you need be acclimatized.
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